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Our dedicated nursing team plays a pivotal role in delivering compassionate and comprehensive care to our patients. We offer a wide range of nursing services, with a special emphasis on Mother and Child Healthcare (MCH), Antenatal Care (ANC), and Family Planning.

Blue Nile Medical Centre

1.Mother and Child Healthcare (MCH):

Our MCH nursing services are designed to provide expert care and support to expectant mothers and their newborns. We understand the unique needs of both mother and child during this crucial phase of life:

Our MCH nurses offer prenatal guidance, education, and counseling to expectant mothers, ensuring a healthy pregnancy and addressing any concerns or questions.

We provide postpartum care for new mothers, offering assistance with breastfeeding, emotional support, and guidance on post-birth recovery.

Our MCH nurses specialize in newborn care, including neonatal assessments, feeding support, and education on newborn hygiene and safety.


To become a state-of-the-art medical center renowned for delivering exceptional healthcare services.

To provide high-quality and affordable healthcare services to all individuals.

We uphold a friendly approach in all interactions, treating everyone with respect and humility. 

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